Company 77 was born in the summer of 2008 at Pizzetta—a groovy little pizza shop in the seaport town of Mystic, Connecticut.  It started with a simple idea: give an old fire truck life.  Build on that by envisioning a commercial kitchen, stone pizza oven, and beer delivery system.  Add in innovative entertainment features such as a digital photo booth, video, music, lights… and maybe even a water canon?  Take it one step further: make it a platform for teaching about sustainable green business practices; incorporate green products, harness power from the sun and burn a better source of fuel.  And of course, mix in the best stone cooked thin crust pizza you’ve ever tasted using organic, regional and seasonal ingredients whenever possible.  Top it off with a groovy assortment of beverages, salads and desserts. Finally commit to giving back to the community we live in.

Voila! Company 77’s Mobile Pizza Unit was born.  And after two wonderful summers in Mystic, we’ve headed west to start up operations in Southern California.  We are striving to make a new business model; bringing new life to the old; inspiring positive change in the world one fun-filled event at a time.  Be part of the revolution.  Bring the big red truck to your next event and inspire memories that will last a lifetime.