This is not your everyday food truck. Our truck is a retired 1983 Pierce Arrow Pumper Fire Truck from the seaside village of Noank, Connecticut. It has been lovingly refurbished as a one-of-a-kind mobile pizza unit and entertainment machine. The big red truck is the centerpiece of every Company 77 event.

Also-please look at some of the features of our truck.

Make the big red fire truck the focus of your next event.

Our PA system is perfect for home and work events.

Check out all the trucks cool green features.

Enjoy cold beverages served from our on-board taps.

Pulstating LED light show adds drama to evening events.

Watch the chef at work on the "pizzameistercam"

Rooftop kitchen, solar collector and a real water canon.

Big screen TV plays DVDs; pizzas served on a fire ladder.

Even the polished lugs nuts are fascinating!

Real fire fighter gear for photobooth portraits.

The original controls are refurbished for kids play.